Patient Testimonials

Here is what some of our practice members have to say:

Chiropractic care is truly amazing, and has helped me and my baby in so many ways! I personally now have a better range of motion through out my body as well as less neck and back pain. I also experience less tension from everyday stress, and experience a more restful sleep. My baby has had adjustments since the day he was born, which helped him not only with the trauma caused from the birthing process, but also has helped him with gassiness. I would recommend chiropractic care for everyone, of any age. I strongly believe that chiropractic care contributes to a persons quality of life.

Mandi Phillips - Woodward, OK  

We have had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Phillips and we are very thankful for her help with Nico. Since birth Nico was unable to turn his neck to the right. We started care when he was 4 months old and were scared that he wouldn't ever be able to bend his neck and that he would have life long problems as a result from this. Now that we are in treatment Nico is now able to move his neck in a full motion and we have also noticed a significant difference in the shape of his head. We plan on bringing all of our babies to Dr. Phillips from now on. 

S. Aranda - Buffalo, OK

I began chiropractic care because of my ADHD, depression and insomnia. I had experienced this since the age of 3. I was unable to focus at school and in everyday activities. Since beginning regular chiropractic care I have gone through an entire year without any medication. On the standardized testing I increased my scores by 2 grade levels. I no longer have to take ADHD medication or antidepressants, or sleeping pills.

S.M. Woodward, OK

The positive changes I've seen in my son have been an answered prayer.

T.M. - mom Woodward, OK


I began chiropractic care because of pain in my back and joints. I had experienced these problems for 30 + years. It was debilitating at times. I would get chiropractic adjustments when I was unable to function at an acceptable level. Since beginning regular chiropractic care I have most recently noticed that I can run now without acute pain in my knees. I have been surprised at how my entire body feels and functions differently - without pain. So much so that I have run for fun!

Dr. Barbie and her staff have been instrumental in my life's improved circumstance physical and emotional. What a blessing! 

D.C. Texas

Using the EBPRO Detox Machine Detox has been a wonderful thing for me.  I have had muscle and joint pain since I was 32 yrs. Old.  That means I have had pain for 27 years.  I went to many doctors trying to find out what was wrong with me.  Finally, the last doctor I went to put me on Cymbalta.   When I first started detoxing I didn't think it was going to work, but then after several times I finally became pain free.  It was such a peaceful feeling.  I still need to detox once or twice a month to keep my pain under control. I wish I had found detox earlier in my life.   

I.P. Sharon, OK 

The Doctor in OKC that we had been seeing told us that our son needed a major back surgery.  He no longer would be able to play sports of any kind.  Since our son has had chiropractic care with Dr. Barbie Phillips, he plays golf, football, and weight lifting.  As long as he continues a weekly visit to stay aligned, he is pain free.  Dr. Phillips took the time to make phone calls and study his condition.  Dr. Phillips and her staff were definitely a God send.  We are so thankful.

L M. Mooreland, OK 

I started coming to Dr. Phillips because my kids were having some back problems, etc.  My hip was hurting and I couldn't run.  I had experienced this since high school. It was hard to drive, walk and run.  I thought my problem was out of chiropractor's league.  After having spinal adjustments I am free of pain and can drive, walk and run.   It is nice to be able to do this and know that there is more help than just "surgery".

P. P. Woodward, OK 

I brought my 15 month old daughter to Dr. Phillips because she was vomiting, coughing, not sleeping more than 4 hours, and having a problem eating.  The first night after the first chiropractic adjustment, she slept 12 hours and did not vomit.  We continued adjustments with particular attention to the stomach area.  The vomiting stopped, she began to keep her milk down and increased her intake.  She weighed 14 lbs. at 15 mos. and now at 19 mos. she weighs 20 lbs.  We are so grateful and praise the Lord for the doctor' care of our family.

M.T. Lipscom, TX 

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