Subluxation Station


Family Wellness Center, PLLC employs the latest in chiropractic technology to address the impact of stress in your life.

What Is The Subluxation Station?

A computerized, non-invasive and painless test consisting of a thermal scan (tests for inflammation)and surface electromyology (SEMG-tests for muscle spasms).

Why Should I Get A Scan Of My Nervous System?

The benefits of these scans are to detect and pinpoint abnormal function which cannot be seen on X-ray and are generally not felt in the form of pain until the damage is severe; much like a heart attack. The scans will show if there is any stress on your nervous system and how it is affecting your organs, glands, muscles and energy level.

How Will This Test Benefit Me?

The computerized scans will help us determine if chiropractic can help you with your concerns.

Does The Insight Millennium Test Hurt?

No. The tests do not utilize any needles, electric shock, or heat whatsoever. The patient just feels someone touching their spine. Even infants can be scanned.

Thermal Scan

The scanner will measure the temperature on each side of your spine. Your skin temperature is controlled by the autonomic nervous system which is the part of the nervous system that you do not have to think about such as heart rate, breathing, all organ function, and much more. Studies at Johns Hopkins University show that the body temperature on the left and right sides of your spine should be the same. A difference of body temperature on the right or left sides of your spine indicates stress on your autonomic nerves. The test enables us to determine what organs may be affected and the severity of the stress.

Surface Electromyograph (SEMG)

SEMG will measure how your motor nerves are functioning. This part of the nervous system controls muscles and their movement. The more your muscles contract, the more electrical activity. We are able to measure the amount of muscle spasms or weakness which may indicate stress to your nervous system caused by Subluxations.

Muscle Balance (Symmetry)

If one or more vertebrae are out of their normal position, it disturbs the nerve function. This disturbance will cause an abnormal amount of flow to the muscles on either side of the spine. As a result of this disturbance, the muscles can become weaker, tighter, or fatigued. This is measured through the SEMG.

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